Chinmaya Vision Programme

The child is the focal point of this programme.  The programme also embraces the school management, teachers and parents.  Through them, the light of this vision spreads to the society, country and the world at large.  CVP can be identified under four heads.

Integrated Development

Integrated development is the overall unfoldment and gentle blossoming of the child at the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels of his/her personality.

Spiritual Development

Mind is potentially divine. Spiritual development enables the child to discover his/her inherent divinity and manifest it. It is achieved through value education, philosophy, meditation techniques etc.,

Intellectual Development

Man has infinite intellectual potential. Intellectual development aims to help the child manifest his/her inherent intellectual capacities and enhance existing ones

Physical Development

Man has infinite intellectual potential. Intellectual development aims to help the child manifest his/her inherent intellectual capacities and enhance existing ones

Mental Development

Mental development aims at making the child an emotionally balanced person. It thereby helps the child to live in harmony with himself/herself and the world.

Indian Culture

Culture is the very way of life of a race and its thinking, which makes it unique and special. Under this head, the child is given a wide exposure to the various aspects of our rich culture, culture awareness and appreciation of the vast literary, artistic and scientific heritage of our country, explanations of our customs and traditions.

Universal Outlook

Universal outlook refers to an appreciation, sensitivity and commitment to universal issues. A universal outlook helps the child to view himself/herself as a responsible citizen of the world, live in harmony with creation as well as become aware of being an intrinsic part of the macrocosm.

CVP augments the role of teachers, parents and the management in this
ennobling Endeavour, This programme which enshrines PUJYA GURUDEV SWAMI CHINMAYANANDAJI’S vision, integrates the Chinmaya Vidyalayas\ across the country and helps the evolve further into schools with a tangible and lasting difference.


This vital area of focus includes education in citizenship, civic consciousness, fostering pride in being Indian and vital national concerns such as unity in diversity. Patriotism is inculcated in children with the aim of creating dedicated and committed citizens who take real pride in serving the nation.

Co-Curricular Activities


We strive to provide a wholesome Robotics & STEAM education for our children. Our integrated syllabus and fun learning environment will keep the student interested and explore the world of Robotic sciences. As they learn new things, they will also be receptive to ever changing technology and get inspired to explore careers in science and technology.

Road Safety Patrol

We educate our children to raise public awareness about traffic safety and reduce fatal accidents. The primary function is to instruct, direct and control students in crossing the road ways at or near schools and to assist teachers and parents at all times and places. Students feel more responsible towards the cause of road safety.

Artificial intelligence Classes

To make our children to be digitally confident, global in their outlook, great problem-solvers, collaborators and communicators. Through the AI classes, students develop a better understanding of their strengths as humans, identify their values, and develop the skills needed to solve real problems and put AI to good use.

Gurudev’s Quotes

"Brood less, smile more and serve all.

The tragedy of human history is decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts.

The highest form of grace is silence."